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Savings potential
in indirect purchasing

Discover in under two minutes how to save over 40 percent of your costs by digitising purchasing processes!

The results are based on the scientific study ‘Indirect purchasing in focus’ by Mercateo in cooperation with Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig).

How are indirect goodsIndirect materials (Non-Production Related Materials) are goods / materials that support the production process or manufacturing output. They are usually not part of the manufacturers’ end product. ordered within your organisation?

Time consumed per process step

  • Your process
  • Mercateo process
  • Saving

How many purchase orders for indirect goods are being processed per year?

  • Few

    Organisations with less than 250 employees handle an average of 1.200 purchase orders per year.

  • Medium

    Organisations with 250 to 5.000 employees handle an average of 7.094 purchase orders per year.

  • Many

    Organisations with 5-000+ employees handle an average of 1.488.000 purchase orders per year.


Your results report as a download

Your copy of the HTWK study as a free download

About this study

Facts and figures

Do you know exactly how your procurement is organised and the costs that arise for indirect requisitions from an individual order? Are you aware of your individual savings potential with the procurement of indirect materials? With this study, you get a guide which helps you to optimise the procurement of your indirect requisitions and discover strategic potential for your company.

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